One of our evenings in Kolkata, we had the opportunity to visit an orphanage.  First we went upstairs with the youngest children, and we got to hold them and play with them a little bit, and they were adorable!  Thankfully, we were allowed to take pictures, and we got plenty...

Then we went down to their patio where they put out a simple reception for us.  After we ate, the older kids came outside.  At first, we played a few songs for them, from Journey to Frozen and everything in between, but we quickly realized that they wanted to sing for us.

They sang many nursery rhymes with great joy and enthusiasm, and we did our best to keep up.  It was beautiful to see so many smiling faces in a place that I had not considered to be overly joyful, yet here was evidence of their joy brimming over!

It was a lesson that I think our whole group had to learn many times over: that joy can be found in any and every circumstance if you will let it.


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